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Hot Rep! Installing secondary glazing in Dundee Rep Theatre

Dundee Rep Dundee Rep  •  2023-10-30  •  No comments  •  Dundee Climate Fund Round 2.0  • 

Scottish Dance Theatre rehearse "Ray" in their dance studio
Scottish Dance Theatre rehearse "Ray" in their dance studio

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The much-loved Dundee Rep is one of Scotland ’s great examples of a theatre created by and for its people. Founded in 1939, for 84 years we have been integral to the cultural heart of the city, with visits to Christmas shows part of many family’s traditional festive celebrations. We create and deliver work for local, national and international audiences and provide year-round opportunities for learning, performing and sharing in the community. We currently offer 19 weekly creative classes to 300 individuals aged from 3 months to 90 years old! These include children and young people with a range of complex additional special needs, those with lifelong medical conditions and our community theatre for older people. We also regularly work with inmates in HMP Perth.

“The Rep” is home to the Dundee Rep Ensemble; Scotland's only full-time company of actors, as well as Scottish Dance Theatre, Scotland’s flagship Contemporary Dance Company, performing throughout the UK and touring overseas, showcasing Dundee’s name and reputation internationally.

Dundee is very proud of the building in Tay Square, which opened in 1982. Last year it received A-listed status as one of the most important post-war theatres constructed in Scotland. However, this means it is difficult to change the building, including replacing the original, single glazed windows which are very draughty and lose heat at an alarming rate- we estimate round 60% of heating is lost through these windows! For our professional dancers in particular, this is a real issue, as they need a constant temperature of 24°C when rehearsing to avoid injury.

An award would invest in installing innovative new secondary glazing throughout a large part of the theatre, so maintaining a comfortable temperature for all staff and participants, saving us approximately 7 tonnes of Co2 in the first year alone. 

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