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Expanding outreach, engagement and services for all

lynsey lynsey  •  2023-10-27  •  1 comment  •  Dundee Climate Fund Round 2.0  • 

Transition Dundee community engagement/workshops
Transition Dundee community engagement/workshops

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We hope to deliver an exciting new programme of repairs, social groups, workshops and events, all of which would complement and increase engagement with our existing projects, ensuring we are reaching many more people with a positive climate message. Hiring more staff will allow us to increase our skill set, capacity, ability to work with young people and increase volunteering opportunities. We have also budgeted for working with and fairly paying other community groups/sessional workers for their time - so that we can deliver a wider range and benefit other community groups at the same time.

We would therefore like to hire two new part-time staff members to deliver the following:

  • Project Worker:
    • Two workshops a week in our spaces and with external community groups (doubling our current capacity)
    • The project worker will run workshops as well as identify sessional workers/community groups we can bring in to cover a broader range of topics, such as basic repair/electrical skills, reducing food waste, DIY, Grow Your Own, foraging, making our homes and greenspaces more nature friendly… and so much more
    • A new weekly Upcycling Group or similar topic - additional to existing groups
    • A clothing repair service – at an affordable price – we have seen great demand for this
    • Upcycling unusable clothing/textiles that are donated to The Wardrobe into usable items that will be kept in use for a long time
  • Youth Worker:
    • Facilitate and run 1/2 youth groups – Young Climate Champions - the activities run during these groups may include upcycling, playing in nature, decorating banners for the next school strike… whatever the young people would like to do to feel empowered, listened to and able to make a difference.
    • School holiday activities for families
    • Activities that we can take into schools to engage with more young people and get them involved in our youth groups and other projects – again there is a huge demand for this from schools

All of the above will increase community engagement by engaging with more young people and their families. More people will be upskilled by workshops and events, meaning they will feel able to make small changes in their lives that reduces their impact and increases their awareness. Workshops, events and groups not only help create awareness of the issues around climate change, but also provide other social benefits such as improved mental health, reduced social isolation and a sense of community. Through our repair and upcycling activities we will be able to stop even more textiles from going to waste and further reduce the far-reaching impact of fast fashion/textile waste, as well as filling a gap for repair services in the city. 

Location: The Wardrobe, 112 Nethergate, Dundee

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  • ray hendry

    i object to part in youth worker about decorating banners for next teachers strike. we should not encourage in any form teachers to strike. will still vote for funding

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