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Campy Growers Collective Delivery

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Electric bike photo 1.jpg

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Campy Growers are gradually transforming a large, derelict space into Dundee's biggest community market garden: the Vegetarium, producing tonnes of fresh, local food to benefit the local community. We build resilience, food security and the skills to grow your own food. We are helping to mitigate emissions, as well as adapting to future food shortages and at the same time boosting biodiversity. Campy Growers encourage knowledge of and participation in environmentally sustainable food growing. We provide opportunities such as volunteering, public events, open days, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) membership, a weekly veg stall in Camperdown playpark and cooking sessions.

Thanks to the Dundee Climate Choices Fund and other funders, over the past year we have:

  • Quadrupled our growing space for food production.
  • Regenerated the neglected and compacted soil, with the use of green manure and manual tools with the help of the James Hutton Institute.
  • Grown high-quality, nutrient-dense food using sustainable agro-ecological methods.
  • Welcolmed, excited and inspired local residents and families to connect with delicious, fresh, local food.
  • Provided tonnes of beautiful, fresh produce to community projects.
  • Delivered workshops to teach people how to grow their own food.
  • Produced vegetable seedlings to support Dundee residents and other community gardens to grow veg.
  • Minimised carbon emmissions by shortening supply chains and using electric vehicles, composting onsite food waste and regenerating the soil.
  • Worked to enhance biodiversity and delivered educational sessions.
  • Helped to connect people with their local food grower.

Thanks to our enthusiastic staff and dedicated volunteers, over the 2023 growing season, we have produced several tonnes of nourishing vegetables, that have been donated across the city to individuals, families and charities. We also help to redistribute or compost supermarket veg that would otherwise be wasted. In August 2023 we started our CSA veg box delivery scheme and we have had some wonderful feedback from our members:

'Your vegetable box has brought a smile Tae ma no 'weel and fed up face'    ' Thank you very Much'

'Not only is it local and organic I also believe it is harvested with passion and packed with love'

We have worked in partnership with Dundee Cycle Hub and received an electric cargo bike in 2023  and it made a difference for individuals who can't access fresh food. So, to make our produce more accessible and promote active travel, we have asked for the insurance costs of having the bike to facilitate more outreach in the community in 2024. We are also working in partnership with Alexander Community Development (ACD) and Signpost International to have a share in an Electric Vehicle to expand deliveries in the communities and larders. This will be a separate joint funding bid submitted by ACD so please support both projects.

We are looking to employ a part-time general handyperson to facilitate our distribution and DIY and will allow us to reach our full potential. We have constructed several meshed tunnels to protect our veg from pigeons, deer and rabbits. But we need more protected tunnel space to expand production.

To achieve further self-sufficiency, we want to install a rainwater collection system along with our own water supply on site. This would allow us greater control over the quantity and quality of water we use on site as well as in the long run reducing costs.

We, at Campy are passionate about our goals, we tackle food poverty, challenge climate change and strive to make a difference to peoples lives. Daily we bring people together and make them happier and healthier, it is a very rewarding position to be in.

Proposed on behalf of: Campy Growers Collective

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