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St Mary's Community Centre Energy Efficiency Project

Alice Bovill Alice Bovill  •  2023-11-02  •  No comments  •  Dundee Climate Fund Round 2.0  • 

St Mary's Community Centre
St Mary's Community Centre

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We need your help to enable us to lower our carbon footprint and contribute to the aim of lowering carbon emmisions within our local community and as part of Dundee City Council's Climate Action Plan - reduce the consumption of energy, promote energy efficiency and increase the proportion of power and heat from low and zero carbon technologies.

Our community centre is in the heart of St Mary's and is managed by a group of local people (Local Management Group - LMG) who volunteer their own time and skills to provide a local resource that serves all ages and needs. We have been concerned for a few years with our energy consumption that relies on carbon omitting energy from the National Grid and the rising cost of this energy. As a volunteer run community centre, we need to fund everything required to maintain a functioning local resource and by installing a power source that uses natural reources we can massively lower our commitment to energy costs and reliance on the National Grid for our power. The community centre aims to do this by installing solar panels, battery storage and low energy lighting.

In addition, the LMG are aware of the prevalance of household poverty in their local community due to cost of living crisis and we are always looking at how we can help those households by providing access to free provision in the centre.  Our weekly programme provides activities for families, children, young people, older people and includes support and advice from health practioners, money and welfare advice projects and local concillors surgeries, Being able to deliver these services in the local community is important for people and we would like this to continue and even increase in the future. By lowering fuel costs we can have commit to opening our doors more frequently and provide access for the support, services and activities that can ameliorate the far-reaching effects of fuel poverty and cost of living for individuals and families.

We would also be keen to promote the benefits of solar energy and the key themes of  Dundee City Council's Climate Action Plan by hosting events and organisations whose aim is to support local people be more aware of the benefits for them and their community by reducing fuel consumption. The community centre recognises the role it can play in supporting its community to become a climate change resilient community.

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