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Wee Feed the World Dundee

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Wee Feed the World
Wee Feed the World

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Wee Feed the World is a unique and far-reaching photographic initiative celebrating the small, family farmers, fisher-people and hunters who provide 70% of the world’s food in ecologically and socially just ways, despite the many challenges they face. Led by The University of Dundee Botanic Garden and the Gaia Foundation, the initiative seeks to support the global food sovereignty movement and to raise the voices of the urban and peri-urban farmers whose work both locally in Dundee and Globally demonstrates the vital importance of agroecology and food sovereignty for building a climate change resilient food system.

Over more than two years, 50 farming communities across six continents have worked with 40 award-winning photographers, including Rankin, Martin Parr, Nadav Kander and Gabriela Iturbide, to document their lives, celebrate their work and to highlight the challenges they currently face- from climate change to mega-mining. The funding this project seeks will add to that with urban and peri-urban farmers in and around Dundee to bring the world of food, acting locally while thinking globally to multiple venues across the city.

The photos will be exhibited in a diversity of food and drink connected places across Dundee from October 2023 crossing formal gallery boundaries to connect the growing spaces and their potting sheds to centres of faith, to community hubs and with bespoke formal gallery’s. Through the power of making the unseen seen, the stories of the men and women who truly feed the world will reach a much wider audience. The light will bring focus to those who are working hard behind the scenes to help feed Dundee in an environmentally sustainable way, with local examples of soil to plate that embed environmentally sustainable practices with reduced food miles and enhanced freshness.

We hope that shining a light on local growers and producers, with artisan food producers both near and far, will bring into the spotlight and help engage our community in conversations that will help inform a transition in the local food system. Food after all is the human story, linked to our sedentary transition and agrarian tradition. Its sharing will help the city to aspire for a city where fresh, local, sustainable produce is available and affordable for all and where good food is a celebrated part of our culture.

Location: University of Dundee Botanic Garden

Proposed on behalf of: Wee Feed the World - a multi-organisation exhibition that showcases food locally while thinking globally

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