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We are inviting applications for a £750,000 Climate Fund. Applications can be for capital or revenue and must be based on one or more of the themes below:

  • Energy: reducing consumption, promoting energy efficiency, use of renewables.
  • Transport: encouraging active travel, decarbonising transport.
  • Waste: reducing waste, recycling, reusing resources.
  • Resilience: improving greenspaces, biodiversity, local food growing.
  • Building Capacity: increasing public awareness, engaging communities and young people in climate change.

There are 2 application options

  • Small projects (£6000 to £25,000)
  • Large projects (up to £100,000) - match funding required

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Accepting Applications


Please fill out and submit BOTH the "Create a Budget Investment" & MS Form forms. Supporting documentation must be submitted to

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Voting projects


£375,000 Dundee Climate Fund - Your Vote Decides!

30 January - 24 March 2023

You will be asked to divide the fund between the approved projects applying for grants.  Once the voting stage has closed, the projects will be ranked and those with the most votes will receive the requested funding.  

How to vote: 

  1. Login/register for Dundee’s Voice at the top right of this page. Check out this video to see how to sign up if you don't have an account already!
  2. Vote and explore Dundee Climate Fund projects.  Watch this video to see how it works.
  3. Submit your choices! 

*Only Dundee residents can vote. You can also vote for more than one project (up to the £375,000 budget limit)

View a copy of all projects in our brochure here.

Please note: due to the nature of the fund, the Dundee Climate Fund has twice as much capital funding available compared to revenue funding, which will be considered when the available budget is matched to the application's ranking. 

Reviewing voting


Finished budget


Dundee Climate Fund


Budget investments' proposals located geographically

List of investments

Price £13,000

Community Toolbox

2022-11-25  •  •  Dundee Climate Fund

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Feeling Strong's Synthesis Climate Project
Price £15,798

Feeling Strong - Synthesis Climate Project

2022-11-25  •  •  Dundee Climate Fund

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The Campy Growers' Saturday veg stall
Price £57,707

Campy Growers Food for the Future

2022-11-18  •  •  Dundee Climate Fund

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Verdant Works
Price £87,526

Green Verdant Works

2022-11-19  •  •  Dundee Climate Fund

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Price £24,500

Victoria Gardens – YYI

2022-11-25  •  •  Dundee Climate Fund

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Three volunteers at the Community Larder
Price £25,463

Decarbonise volunteer transport for Hilltown Community Larder

2022-11-27  •  •  Dundee Climate Fund

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Price £24,729

Shaper/Caper presents: The World is My...

2022-11-18  •  •  Dundee Climate Fund

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Price £48,857

Reducing food waste in Dundee

2022-11-18  •  •  Dundee Climate Fund

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DUNDEE BAIRNS - Free meals and clothes to Dundee's bairns
Price £20,481

DUNDEE BAIRNS - Electric van to deliver free meals and clothes to Dundee bairns

2022-11-17  •  •  Dundee Climate Fund

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Community Choices (participatory budgets)

Help us to decide which projects are allocated a part of the budget.