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Scrap Antics CIC are looking for an artist to design, create and install a new public art sculpture to be situated in the University of Dundee Botanic Garden, to promote awareness and understanding of climate change.

The project is a collaboration between Dundee City Council and Scrap Antics, and must engage schools in a creative way whilst leaving a legacy at the Botanic Garden. The theme of the project is sustainability and the sculpture must encourage questioning, conversation, understanding and engagement on one or more of these four key topics; energy, transport, waste/circular economy and resilience. This will be a permanent sculpture, and it must be interactive, inspiring, thought provoking, playful and adult participatory – not only aimed at engaging children. Community engagement is vital to this project and four local schools must be involved through a series of workshops. The successful artist must undertake a standard PVG Disclosure check. There are no size limitations to the sculpture – so you can think big! A number of fallen trees from the garden will be available as materials.

Please consider the surroundings, the origin of all materials used and potential hazards such as vandalism and fire. The sculpture must be safe and due consideration given to potential risks. Artists are invited to attend a group site visit to view the Garden and available fallen trees – book via Eventbrite link.


Five entries will be shortlisted, which will go to an anonymous public vote.

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We are proud to announce our 5 shortlisted proposals for the Dundee Climate Fund Legacy Sculpture Project!


Explore the 5 shortlisted proposals below.

Come back to cast your vote from Thursday 9th February.

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Vote for your favourite Dundee Climate Fund Legacy Sculpture!


Artists were invited to develop an interactive and playful design for all ages, which encourages conversation around sustainability.


Explore the 5 shortlisted proposals below and vote for your favourite!

The winning artist will engage with the local community through a series of workshops, before creating and installing the sculpture in time for the public opening in May.

How to vote:

  1. Sign-in at the top right of this page, or create an account. Check out this video to see how to sign up if you don't have an account already!
  2. Select the Dundee Climate Fund Legacy Project.
  3. Explore proposals
  4. Select your one favourite proposal
  5. Submit your vote!*

The voting closes on the 26th of February. The winner will be announced on March 1st.

Don't forget to vote for the Dundee Climate Fund while you're here!

*Only Dundee residents can vote.

In the meantime follow ScrapAntics social media for more information, where you can also find out about other local projects they are involved with.

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Thank you for participating in the Dundee Climate Fund Legacy Sculpture vote! The winner will be announced shortly.

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