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A Thriving Community, a Thriving Planet

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Community Food Hub & Freecycle
Community Food Hub & Freecycle

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The Community Food Hub & Freecyle group have always believed that local people are the key to reducing carbon emissions and helping to protect the environment. Through the Larder, food waste from major supermarkets is reduced and the Freecycle service has saved tonnes of clothes, toys and household items from inceneration and reduced the need for people to buy new items in the shops. The Freecycle part of our service has gone from a few items on a table to a community resource where people donate as well as take, toys come back after a few months when children get bored with them, clothes come back once they are outgrown, books once they have been read.. For Food Hub customers, we have issued slow cookers to reduce cooking costs and will be shortly starting a 'slow cooker challenge' with customers to cook a slow cooker meal and share the results on our Community WhatsApp page and encourage others to give it a try.

We feel it is now time to take our care for the environment a step further whilst also benefitting local people - a WIN WIN situation. We would like to puchase heated clothes airers as they use considerably less electrcity than a tumble dryer and  hanging wet clothing on radiators as this makes boilers work harder therefore costing more money and creating more emissions. Air Fryers will also help people to reduce energy usage, as will LED light bulbs and draught excluder kits.and reflective radiator panels.

We believe that when a community is struggling with the cost of living crisis , it's patronising to preach about reducing carbon emissions but providing these items will enable people to reduce household energy bills in addition to reducing damage to the environment. This will  therefore help  to create a thriving community that will actively seek out other ways to reduce costs and energy dependancy. This is a project for the long term and aims to go further in, and for, the future.

Location: Mid Craigie/Linlathen/Douglas/Craigie, the community of the East End served by the Community Food Hub and Freecycle.

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