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Campy Growers Food for the Future

miaelena miaelena  •  2022-11-18  •  3 comments  •  Dundee Climate Fund  • 

The Campy Growers' Saturday veg stall
The Campy Growers' Saturday veg stall

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Watch our VIDEO to learn more about the project here

Campy Growers are transforming a derelict space into Dundee's biggest community food garden: the Vegetarium, with the potential to produce tonnes of fresh, local food to benefit the whole city.

As food costs increase, we need to build resilience, security and the skills to grow our own food, in response to the worsening climate crirsis.

We are both mitigating emissions, as well as adapting to future food shortages and at the same time boosting biodiversity.

So, over the next year, we will:

  • Expand our growing space for food production.
  • Provide fresh produce to community projects.
  • Deliver workshops to teach people across the local area how to grown food.
  • Deliver cooking skills classes, lunch clubs and other food and health-based activities.
  • Inspire, excite and welcome families to connect with vibrant, fresh, local food.
  • Produce vegetable seedlings to support Dundee residents and other community gardens to grow veg.
  • Grow high-quality, nutrient-dense food using sustainable agro-ecological methods.
  • Minimise carbon emissions and maximise carbon absorption through shortening supply chains, composting onsite waste and building soil carbon.
  • Enhance biodiversity, soil restoration and carbon drawdown.
  • Guide individuals throught their horticulture journey by upskilling and training  them.
  • Regenerate the soil, which has been neglected and compacted ovber the years, with the use of green manure and manual tools.
  • Help connect poeoplpe with their local food grower. Increase knowledge of and participation in environmentally sustainable land activities buy providing opportunities for peopole to be involved with the site, such as Community Supported Agriculture membershio, volunteer days, pick-your-own, open days and stalls.

As a volunteer-led organisation, over 2 growing seasons, having rejuvenated the soil, we have produced approx 3 tonnes of vegetables that have been donated across the city to individiuals, families and charities.

We are looking to employ a full-time gardener and opart-time Project Coordinator to develop this work and allow us to reach our full potential for the benefit of the whole city.

We are also seeking funds for the propagation of our vegetable seedlings and the upcycling of two abandoned shipping containers into usable storage.

Our success supports the success of other food projects across the city.

Location: Old nursery, south of the play park.

Proposed on behalf of: Campy Growers

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  • leslie.soulfireartist.martin

    Restoring biodiversity and improving soil health on a derelict site is a terrific contribution to Dundee’s efforts to respond to the climate emergency. In addition provision of freshly grown local food and sharing knowledge and skills with local residents is a bonus for the city.

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    • jimwhitehead086

      A wonderful project - so important for a sustainable future, mentoring local people to grow their own produce creates a more sustainable Dundee. Participation connects people to nature and nourishes wellbeing as well as the planet.

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      • josiedearsley

        Really wonderful project! Lovely people with an enthusiastic and educated approach to sustainable food growing and dedicated to providing healthy and locally grown food to Dundee!

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